Buyers / Sellers

For the Buyer:

So you are considering purchasing via the auction method? You will be happy to discover the many advantages for you – the buyer.

  1. SELLER’S ATTITUDE – This is it “The sellers are motivated to sell”. None of the weeks or maybe even months of negotiation. One day and that’s it. The auction method values your time as a buyer.
  2. SIGNED, SEALED, and DELIVERED – FAST– Most sales close within 30 days of auction day. Since all of the work is done prior to sale, except for filling in the buyer’s information, you will be in possession of your new property fast. Again valuing your time.
  3. WE ARE HERE – Our energy is being focused on the sale at hand. Don’t let your questions go unanswered. We are available to help you evaluate the property and be prepared to be an informed and confident bidder.
  4. SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY – We understand that you value your hard earned money. With the auction method you never have to worry about paying too much. With an auction you see for yourself the consumers opinion and action. If you are the successful bidder you can rest assure that you paid Fair Market Value.

Tips to Bid Like a Pro:

  1. Contact the company, get your questions answered, and familiarize yourself with the process.
  2. Do your homework. The only way to evaluate a property is to study. An informed bidder won’t have regrets.
  3. Consider attending an auction or two before you plan to bid this can help you feel comfortable in an auction atmosphere.
  4. Prepare a Strategy. Show up with confidence in knowing what you will spend no matter what the situation.
  5. The team members working the ground are there for you. Get to know them and feel free to ask for their help.
  6. Listen to the Auctioneer. If you don’t understand the bid calling ask the ground workers. We want you to feel comfortable.
  7. GET IN THERE … BID BID BID – Don’t go home sorry, if you want it, get it, we want you to bid. So many inexperienced bidders shy away and miss their chance. You have done your homework, built a plan and now you’re ready to have fun, GOOD LUCK!

For the Seller:

An informed seller is a successful seller. Allowing yourself to look passed the traditional method of sale will give you the opportunity to achieve the optimum price for your property in the most expedient means possible. With an intense marketing plan devoted to your property alone and showing the public your motivation the attention of the potential buyers will be easily obtained. Put yourself back in the driver’s seat and have control over the liquidation of your property through the auction method.

  1. Sell your property in 60 days – You can plan your life, no reason to put things on hold until a buyer decides to look, find, and decide. You control your sale day.
  2. As is where is – No hassling with negotiations and contingencies, the sale is final. Auction sales are Cash sales. You can rest assure that when you sell with the auction method the stress of pending sales falling apart is relieved.
  3. Don’t throw your money away – With a fast turn over rate you won’t have an extended period of time to carry the expense of your property.
  4. Money on the table – The auction method puts all the offers on the table at once. Giving you the option to get the best price possible.
  5. No more waiting on the buyer – The buyers act on your schedule. You set the details for them to follow.
  6. Auctions bring them in – No more price reductions to entice the buyers to act.
  7. Working hard for you – The focus of an auction is solely on your property, not a group of listings.
  8. Extensive Marketing – The “no stone unturned” method assures you all interested parties are knowledgeable of the sale of your property.
  9. No Guesswork – Eliminates the guesswork of determining the asking price. No risk in overpricing, and seeing no interest. Or under pricing and selling for less than the property is worth.
  10. True Market Value – No limit on the upside potential. When dealing with values of real estate, the auction method allows the competitive spirit of consumers to push your selling price to its limits.

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation meeting to see if your property could be suited for the next Coastal Auction Co. Inc. event.

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Pat, Orange Beach, AL

Coastal Auction Company was the answer when we needed to downsize. Their employees handled every detail flawlessly and got us...
Coastal Auction Company was the answer when we needed to downsize. Their employees handled every detail flawlessly and got us top dollar for our assets.